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Jessica Williamson - The Mindful Journey

Meet Jessica

I wake up in the morning with genuine joy and gratitude for the richness of life. I find myself navigating life with a deep interest in connecting with myself and the world around me. And, when I experience stress and challenges, mindfulness helps me regain my balance more readily.

My Mindful Journey

I wasn’t always this way. Before I discovered meditation and mindfulness practices, my life was troubled by stress and anxiety. I moved through life on autopilot, without ever really paying attention, almost as if in a trance, completely disconnected from my body.  And, I missed out on so much! My journey with mindfulness has been remarkably transformative. I now have awareness of the habitual tendencies that don’t serve me well, and recognize that I have a choice on how to respond to life’s stressors. Through my mindful journey, I have cultivated an authentic life with more inner peace, fulfillment and deep contentment.

My mindful journey started nearly a decade ago with a commitment to the 8-week Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. I have since cultivated a daily meditation practice (my “happy hour”) which I nourish through workshops, courses, retreats, books, community, and moment by moment.
I received a Mindfulness Facilitator Certificate through the Copper Beech Institute and am a Level 1 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher trained at Brown University.

I am passionate about sharing The Mindful Journey with others in an inclusive, compassionate environment. I hope to see you on the path! You are welcome exactly how you are.
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